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Farm-to-Fork — Agri-Artisan

Real ice cream from Real dairy farmers.

Moo Thru is a specialty ice cream store located on Route 29 at the intersection with Route 28. Featuring over 20 flavors of ice cream at any given time of year. Seasonal flavors are also created and offered each season. Dairy milk direct from the farm is available to purchase by half-gallon glass bottles. Our ice cream is available to purchase by the pint and quart in addition to our regular size options. 

We also feature ample seating surrounding the "barn" for you to stay and enjoy the ice cream as well as a drive thru available for quick-and-go service.


Monday      CLOSED

Tuesday– Saturday  11AM-9PM

Sunday      12PM-9PM


"It was nothing compared to any milkshake I’ve ever had before. It was the best. The use of fresh milk from local farmers is on point."

"I go nearly every weekend and am never disappointed. My personal favorite is Ken's Key Lime [seasonal], but sometimes they make Capn' Crunch and Fruit Loops ice cream which are amazing together."

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