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The Museum of Culpeper History showcases the rich history and interprets the significant events that shapes Culpeper today. From the dinosaurs that roamed the area during the Triassic period to the soldiers that camped and fought here during the Civil War there is so much to discover!

The Museum of Culpeper History (MCH) is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to three goals; to attract … to engage … and to educate. The purpose of the Museum of Culpeper History is primarily to collect, preserve and exhibit significant artifacts and memorabilia reflecting the people, places and events that continue to shape the character of Culpeper and the surrounding area. Collaterally, the Museum will serve as a resource for students of all ages to research and explore history, geography, math and economics, as well as provide an interactive resource and program-oriented organization boosting tourism and the local economy.

Culpeper’s history is rich and diverse with the potential of becoming a powerful resource for education, economic development and an enhanced quality of life and community pride. The Museum has built a remarkable facility that honors and preserves the memorabilia and memories of its people, places and events – those that have shaped the destiny of this rural Virginia region. To stop there, however, could relegate the museum to mediocrity, just another small museum displaying an interesting assortment of artifacts. A state-of-the-art exhibit plan, creative programming and an aggressive marketing plan, enables the Museum to attract, engage and educate,  thus establishing an unparalleled experience without comparison in a 100 mile radius. Visitors have called MCH “a mini-Smithsonian” because of its exhibitions, interactives and programming.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday:
10am – 4pm


"What a great place to read about history, American civil war etc, also see actual Dinosaur footprints, definitely worth a visit!!"

"The building and train out front are also fun for the kids!"

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